Paralock Parasol Holder Fixing Cup For Use With Picnic Tables.

  • Holds parasol in place when a parasol base can't be used.
  • Tightens with hand screw to prevent parasol blowing away.
  • All fittings included.
  • Fast delivery from our UK warehouse.

Stop your parasol blowing out of your picnic table with a Paralock. This neat gadget is used when the design of a garden table doesn't allow for the use of a parasol base. Using the screws provided, the Paralock is fastened underneath the table allowing you to insert a parasol. For parasol poles with a diameter of up to 40mm. We do also offer a range of concrete parasol bases where space permits under your table or picnic bench.

Length: 10cm
Depth: 10cm
Height: 11cm

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Sku: PA-B4